Frank L. Meyskens

MD, University of California, San Francisco, 1972
University of California, Irvine
Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center
Orange, CA 92688
(714) 456-6310
(714) 456-2240

UCI Faculty Profile: Frank L. Meyskens

Research Interests:

Biology of human melanocytes and melanomas

The long term interest of Dr. Meyskens laboratory has been the development of experimental and clinical therapies based on knowledge of the transformation process in the cell type. Current efforts are focused on characterizing the role of the redox-sensitice transcription factors NFKB and AP-1 on regulating cell growth and the effects of antioxidants, redox mimetic, NFKB inhibitors, and apoptosis and chemoprevention of human cancer.

Dr. Meyskens also conducts several large clinical chemoprevention trials involving oral, colon and prostate sites with polyamine synthesis inhibitor and protease inhibitor as the major drugs of interest. This is ample opportunity to do basic molecular mechanistic and correlative studies using tissues from these trials.

Selected Publications:

Meyskens FL, Jr, Farmer P, Fruehauf JP.  Invited Review: redox regulation in human melanocytes and melanomaPigment Cell Research 14:148-154, 2001. (50%)

Meyskens FL, Jr., McNulty SE, Buckmeier, JA, Tohidian NB, Spillane TJ, Kahlon RS, Gonzalez RI - Aberrant redox regulation in human metastatic melanoma cells compared to normal melanocytes. Free Radical Biology and Medicine, 31(6):799-808, 2001. (50%)

Meyskens, F.L., Jr., Gerner, E.W.:  Development of difluoromethylornithine (DFMO) as a chemoprevention agent. Clinical Cancer Research 5:945-951, 1999. (75%)

Meyskens FL, Jr. Cancer prevention in the Year 2025: an anticipation. European J Cancer, 36:1737-1740, 2000 (100%)

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